St. Mary Basilica Archives

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Archives Committee

Pastor and Rector
Father Scott Thomas
Mary Bellan Eidt
Chairman Emeritus
James E. Guercio
Committee Members
Annette B. Burns
Betsy Dale Holleman
Gigi Edwards Johnson
Patricia Piazza Murphy
Michael W. Murphy

Bishop Chanche built a home for himself and his priests, and in July, 1846, he took possession of the new Episcopal Residence near the Cathedral. Of it he quaintly remarked: "It is a pretty convenient house. It has a good many faults, yet I hope my successors may be pleased with it." –Cradle Days of St. Mary's at Natchez –Rev. R.O. Gerow

Mission Statement

The mission of the Archives of St. Mary Basilica (formerly St. Mary Cathedral) is the preservation, restoration, organization, and management of historical records and sacred objects chronicling the development of Catholicism in Natchez and in the state of Mississippi.

Through efficient administration of this valuable patrimony of St. Mary Basilica, the Archives Committee provides opportunities for education, research, and enjoyment to engender an appreciation of the past and to promote the future of the universal church.

St. Mary Basilica Archives honored with the Natchez Historic Foundation Mary Postlewaite Award.

Lithograph on stone - St. Mary Cathedral