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All Souls Day Cemetery Procession

It all started in 1861. As the Civil War was beginning, Bishop Elder realized that Plot 1, was filling up… View slideshow

D’Evereux Hall

When, finally, the horrors of war ceased, and peace returned to our country, Bishop Elder immediately took up the matter of getting the Brothers… View slideshow

St. Mary Chapel, Laurel Hill Plantation

"I do not know who designed the building, but the builder of the Chapel was a competent, and very eccentric, carpenter and contractor, old Mr. Hardie of Natchez… View slideshow

The Basilica’s Statuary

In his diary, Bishop Janssens under date of February 25, 1882 we read: “Placed in their niches… View slideshow

The Maria Alexandrina

Bishop Chanche was able to obtain from a benefactor in Rome, Italy the beautiful bell which today calls to prayer and to devotion the faithful people of Natchez… View slideshow

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Lithograph on stone - St. Mary Cathedral